I highly recommend Alex's Enlighten Principle. By following her plan, I've lost 24 pounds and have the energy I need to perform on a daily basis. What impresses me the most is how the plan is constantly updated with new material. The Enlighten Plan is the best value for an education on learning how to have a sustainable eating plan. I recommend that anyone interested in boosting their energy and cleansing their system, join The Enlighten Principle. - Wendell Berger

Alexandra continues to impress me with her wealth of knowledge about how to eat well in today's world. She understands the science, politics, and psychology that goes along with eating and I've witnessed her help people of all backgrounds improve their diet with small, easy to apply steps. She's always friendly, understanding, and caring with her clients. If any busy women is looking to be healthier - her methods are more of a philosophy than a program made to suit your current lifetsyle. She'll help shift the way you think about what you consume so that you enjoy the process of feeling lighter and brighter - Katheryn

Alexandra is professional, friendly and highly knowledgable in her field. I would recommend her and definitely work with her again. - Theresa Valenzuela

It is almost always the case, that as we get older we tend to suffer more, in health terms; our skin loses elasticity and many gain too much weight etc. When I met Alexandra I was in reasonably good health having led a fairly active life, yet I had been dealing with vertigo and had experienced quite significant skin problems on both my hands-wrists. In the past 2-3 years whilst I have been guided by Alexandra's EnlightenPrinciple and plan I have definitely felt very palpable improvements in my overall health, I could almost imagine that I was de-aging. I sleep better, have a far better overall mental disposition and in many ways feel better that I was in my 30's. Typically I am very averse to over-exaggerated claims yet here I am just stating how I feel, day in and out and as I often think, what better things can we do than to improve our health? One last, very important point, Alexandra's plans-guidance do not involve any extremes at all, they are gentle and gradual. - Mike Brunt

I have known Alex for a while now. She is a knowledgeable and dedicated professional who practices what she preaches. Two Thumbs Up! - Robert Cantor

Whether you are looking for basic nutritional advice, or the cure to an allergic reaction to a food your child had, Ms. Bwye is an incredible source of information on nutritional health and maintenance. Her demeanor and expertise are not only professional, they help build confidence in knowing you are getting the right treatment, information and care you would want and expect from any professional health care provider.I have worked with Ms. Bwye on a professional level, consulting with her on marketing and advertising, and in return received valuable knowledge I have put into practice to better my diet. She is great to work with and offers more than you would ever get from a book! - Justin Schaid

I have never run across someone as committed to something as Alex is to her work. She lives, eats, and breathes health and nutrition. She has enlightened me on many things and I always look forward to learning more from her. - Steven F. Heuer

On Alex's visit to the U.K she opened my eyes in how easy it is to follow a diet plan if it's tailored made for the individual in the correct way. Alexandra is so easy to work with because of her enthusiastic and courteous approach. Her diet plan changed my health and well-being for the better along with my mindset being changed by her vibrant personality. As a whole you can't go wrong with asking Alexandra for her services as she knows exactly what to do through intelligence within the field and knows how to deliver it through her kind and sensitive approach. - Mark Hillier-Rees

Alexandra is dedicated to providing her clients with the best professional advice for their health and well being. She's a very compassionate and understanding individual, who will give your needs undivided attention. I wholeheartedly recommend Alexandra's services - John Maclean

Alexandra is very personable and listens well to others so she can determine how to help them successfully. She is extremely trusting, consistent and reliable in meeting your needs. Her knowledge is outstanding and she is very helpful. - Rebecca Burkley

She is serving a world that is awakening more and more everyday. She is the future of this world and we could all use a lot more people like her. - Ryan Gibbons

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