The Recipe

Many people think fruit is high in sugar and so it must be fattening in bigger quantities. What I have seen again and again in cleansing books throughout the decades however (ie. Arnold Ehret/Steve Meyerowitz/Norman Walker/Elson Haas etc.), along with my personal and client experience and research, is that when the body is free of stagnation, the blood is clean and the gut healthy, fruit is the optimal food for the human body. The fruit breaks down quickly in the stomach, provides enzymes and phytonutrients (the compounds that help the plant to survive which in fruits are also good for humans), and the fructose is broken down quickly to provide quick, clean energy without requiring much energy for its digestion (as do many higher cooked protein/fat foods). Fruits and vegetables have protein and fat in them that are actually more bioavailable to the human body than animal proteins and any cooked foods, which the body has to put in additional energy to digest. One can and should eat a lot more in living carbohydrates. These carbohydrates are used for a consistent, lively energy as opposed to the swings and cravings that come along with cooked, miscombined foods (no matter how ‘nutrient-dense). If you get bloated when you eat fruit or too many carbohydrates from plant foods, it is very likely that you need to take it easy and start slow by cleansing: Juice at least once a day in the morning, look into proper food combining (particularly by eating fruit on an empty stomach and definitely not after cooked foods) and upgrading your food choices.

When you get deeper into food combining and are living more on fruits and greens (your body will adjust to this over weeks, months or years without you having to force anything), you may want to separate acid and sweet fruit (like strawberries and bananas), but to be honest with you, I’ve never had any issues combining them and think this would  be more important with things like lemons, grapefruit or oranges and bananas.


  • 5-7 bananas (2 or 3 which are frozen for an ice-creamy texture)
  • 1 cup strawberries


  • Blend!