Here we go! 

The EP Lean and Green Workout System is designed to keep a woman’s body lean, long and tight. I focus on pulling IN the big muscle groups by utilizing the small muscles. You’ll feel sexy, cat-like and see a noticeable difference in your hips, butt, tummy and arms! We’re not bulking, we’re utilizing out whole body to become highly functional in our movements. This week’s focus is on the hips. Get your yoga mat out and get started!

  • Every morning, get your shoes on and go for a walk or jog for 30 minutes – no excuses, just get yourself out the door!
  • Every afternoon or evening, Do 30 of each on each side every day for one week, until your next workout!

#1 : Kick-Back

#2 : Side All-Fours Leg Lift

#3 : Side All-Fours Bent Knee Lift

#4 : Cross Lift

#5 : Side Laying Leg Lift

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