the enlighten plan 

Abolish your diet mindset and convert to true body/mind nourishment for the body you deserve!

Over 100 cleansing, satisfying recipes! With a clear layout, level testing system,

food wheel & more

Get Hooked on Cleansing

In this plan I will show you how you can cleanse at your level and your pace, for results as quickly as you want them. The idea is that by cleansing your body, you will reveal it’s full potential as a lean, cellulite-free, healthy body no matter what your activity level is, and what your body type has been until now. We choose wellness and vibrance over strict prison-like regimes. We make our diet work for us, rather than working hard for our diet.

  • 5-level system to help you begin from your current level of health and easily move upwards at your own decision.
  • Easy to understand, step-by-step advice
  • food diary, grocery listresources and charts to help you along your cleansing journey
  • A buffet of over 100 cleansing recipes from simple to complex, with budget-friendly recipes galore!
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The Benefits

Don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t know what you’re doing.  All that you need to do is learn about the laws of nature, not the grams, IU’s or percentages of vitamins and minerals.  The Enlighten Plan will teach you these laws and by tuning in to them, you will achieve a lighter, cleaner, healthier body and have no problem keeping weight off coupon codes for nympo max pills . You will know what your body needs and when.


Free Updates Forever!

When you buy the plan, you will never be charged for later updates.  Some have started with The Enlighten Plan since it was a a simple Word Document and are still getting free updates.  This is my way of thanking and constantly giving to early supporters, because you are why this plan exists in the first place of course!


Constant New Recipes

Sometimes it gets a little boring to eat the same few recipes all the time. I am always working on fun new recipes to keep it fresh, exciting, and interesting. You get them delivered to your inbox, and get a flood of them with each new update!

  • Alkalinity is the focus
  • Recipes are already well-combined for optimal digestion
  • Acidic substances like flour and sugar are replaced by healthful substances like millet flour, stevia and maple syrup.
  • Indulgence is a key factor – to be satisfied with a lifestyle, we need to address our need to feel fully satisfied, while taking good care of ourselves.
$29.99   Official PayPal Seal


I highly recommend Alex’s Enlighten Principle. By following her plan, I’ve lost 24 pounds and have the energy I need to perform on a daily basis. What impresses me the most is how the plan is constantly updated with new material. The Enlighten Plan is the best value for an education on learning how to have a sustainable eating plan. I recommend that anyone interested in boosting their energy and cleansing their system, join The Enlighten Principle.
On Alex’s visit to the U.K she opened my eyes in how easy it is to follow a diet plan if it’s tailored made for the individual in the correct way. Alexandra is so easy to work with because of her enthusiastic and courteous approach. Her diet plan changed my health and well-being for the better along with my mindset being changed by her vibrant personality. As a whole you can’t go wrong with asking Alexandra for her services as she knows exactly what to do through intelligence within the field and knows how to deliver it through her kind and sensitive approach.
Mark Hillier-Rees, UK
Alexandra continues to impress me with her wealth of knowledge about how to eat well in today’s world. She understands the science, politics, and psychology that goes along with eating and I’ve witnessed her help people of all backgrounds improve their diet with small, easy to apply steps. She’s always friendly, understanding, and caring with her clients. If any busy women is looking to be healthier – her methods are more of a philosophy than a program made to suit your current lifestyle. She’ll help shift the way you think about what you consume so that you enjoy the process of feeling lighter and brighter.
Katheryn, Jet Project
Alexandra helped educate me on more in-depth nutrition. Her expertise on food combining, better combinations of food as well as a greater variety of foods gave me more knowledge than I could have figured out on my own. Her style is one of patience and encouragement, always guiding me through the next steps. She is well organized and kept notes on my progress. She sent me a summary after each session with recipes and ideas for lifestyle changes. Alexandra guided and gently pushed me into a new level of nutrition, meal preparation and cleansing. I highly encourage anyone interested in improving their nutrition to consult with Alexandra.
It is almost always the case, that as we get older we tend to suffer more, in health terms; our skin loses elasticity and many gain too much weight etc. When I met Alexandra I was in reasonably good health having led a fairly active life, yet I had been dealing with vertigo and had experienced quite significant skin problems on both my hands-wrists. In the past 2-3 years whilst I have been guided by Alexandra’s EnlightenPrinciple and plan I have definitely felt very palpable improvements in my overall health, I could almost imagine that I was de-aging. I sleep better, have a far better overall mental disposition and in many ways feel better that I was in my 30’s. Typically I am very averse to over-exaggerated claims yet here I am just stating how I feel, day in and out and as I often think, what better things can we do than to improve our health? One last, very important point, Alexandra’s plans-guidance do not involve any extremes at all, they are gentle and gradual.
Mike Brunt, Go2Ria Inc.
Alexandra is very personable and listens well to others so she can determine how to help them successfully. She is extremely trusting, consistent and reliable in meeting your needs. Her knowledge is outstanding and she is very helpful.
Rebecca Burkley, PA

The Community

The Enlighten community is growing.  The more we put a little effort into communicating when we need help or have tips, tricks and recipes, the more we will create lasting friendships based on health, vibrance, and authenticity. By tuning in here you will be part of the original Enlightens and become an advice and tip giver yourself!

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