Alexandra Bwye


Alexandra began her true health journey while still in high school, trying a new diet with her mother to help her lose weight.  The years following consisted of misguided health-seeking through diets, magazine weight-loss plans and constant book reading and people-following.  The moment of truth came when, after completing years in nutrition programs, health coach certifications and fitness and yoga certifications, she realized that even amongst the ‘certified’ health and wellness teachers, there lay vast differences of opinion.

Delving into what sounded the most common sense and practical, Alexandra began to listen to her own body while providing it with fresh, whole foods and took on more cleansing protocol, whereas before she had adhered strictly to a ‘high-nutrition-extremely-clean’ plan that caused stress in social situations or when cravings arose. In a highly toxic world (acidic matter in the form of man-made chemicals, fossil fuels in the air and prescription drugs found in tap water), there is no other way for the body to be well unless utilizing cleansing practices in mind, body and soul, and Alexandra realized that counting, weighing, and portioning her food was actually keeping her from truly cleansing and nutrifying her body.

Alexandra has helped many clients and formulated her plan along the lines of taking one step at a time to an abundant, delicious, low-stress, clean and absolutely healthy diet.

My Background & Credentials

Enlighten Principle Founder

The Enlighten Principle was created after Alexandra realized how many of her learning and experiences helped her feel her healthiest and happiest. After developing her unique system that allowed her clients to attain their highest energy levels with the least stress, as well as the easiest eating habits with the least struggle, guilt and anxiety, she decided to share that system publicly.

The Enlighten Principle mission is to:

  • Use the laws of nature to align our body and spirit with nature, which holds no excess and neither is deprivational
  • Bring together a community of women who already are, or are seeking, to be inspired & connected, feel natural, light, fun, and happy
  • Help women unite further with their highest-energy selves using natural, wholesome, holistic methods backed by science and positive results
  • Provide the information and support needed for bodily cleansing and true satisfaction with fresh, whole, juicy raw foods

Certified Clinical Nutritionist
(CN) By Natural Healing Institute
Certified Holistic Health Counselor
(HHC) By Institute for Integrative Nutrition
Certified Holistic Life Coach
(HLC) By Spencer Institute
Certified Personal Fitness Chef
 (PFC) By Spencer Institute 
Certified Yoga & Cycle Instructor
By YogaFit (Level III + Seniors training) and Nautilus, respectively
Accredited By The American Association of Drugless Practitioners

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