It came to my attention that many people don’t quite know what it means to eat ‘enlightened’ – do you just eat whatever you like and therefore you feel enlightened of rules and regulations?  Actually no, because letting go of the rules of the body is not enlightened – that would be out of tune and absolutely unenlightened for most of us, who might choose the less-than healthy options.  By utilizing a few food rules, you have the ability to listen to your body’s messages while eating the best quality food available, with space for treats of course, and even indulging sometimes so as to give yourself space to want to come back to healthy eating on your own accord, not feeling forced and trapped.  Here are a few of the Enlighten Plan principles to help your body up-level at your pace.

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  1. Start Juicing 3-5 Times a Week

  2. Eat Light-to-Heavy Throughout the Day

  3. Eat Foods Closest to Their Natural State

  4. Combine Your Foods Well at least 50% of the Time

  5. Consume Probiotic-Rich Foods Daily

These rules will help you lose weight, maintain weight loss,  feel higher energy throughout the day and feel good eating a very satisfying dinner that won’t weigh you down as a heavy breakfast will Gone are the calorie-counting days that keep you tied to a calculator and intuition comes more into play, allowing for more freedom and enlightened ways of perceiving whole, healthy foods and portion sizes to meet your body’s needs.


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