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Learn how to feel and look your best by getting down to basics and understanding how simplicity & ease is the key to living a healthy and happy life. This a no-stress, no-pressure, no-guilt system that truly works.

Guides & Tools

Discover many useful articles, recipes, guides and tips that show you just how fun and easy it can be to live a clean, vibrant life. There is plenty free information here but if you want even more depth, there are some special programs and services available for you.

Support & Community

Engage with other Enlighten Principle readers and clients for support on your own progress. Share recipes, ideas, and feedback about your enlightening experiences.

Establish Your Repertoire of Clean Recipes

Discover simple and new ways to combine foods and make healthy snacks and meals that tantalize your tastebuds and revitalize your body


Refine and Sculpt Your Body with an Alkaline + Vegan Diet:

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Easy to download. Print at home or use on your tablet.

The Enlighten Plan is aimed at those who are tired of dieting, tired of fearing food and tired of the anxiety that comes with trying to be healthy.

The Enlighten Plan is a PDF that contains:

  • A unique 5-level system to help you begin from your current level of health and easily move upwards
  • Easy to understand, step-by-step instructions and advice
  • A buffet of over 100 cleansing recipes from simple to more complex
  • A food diary, food circle, grocery list, resources and helpful charts to help guide you
  • Free updates and recipes

“This is my baby, my work of art, my life and career thesis. I work on it consistently and live for it, so you can trust that it’s always kept updated and made increasingly efficient for you to use.”  – Alexandra



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Recent News

Complimentary ‘How to Create Your Own Cleanse’ Guide with the bare necessities to get started

Enlighten Principle is in the works of another update! You’ll have access to all the same great content plus added sections expanding on previous content.  Anyone who has already purchased the plan or purchases the current plan will get a free copy of upgraded versions when they are ready. I’m excited to bring you more and more improvements as time goes on. Please stay in touch and follow along as The Enlighten Principle itself gets  enlightened!

– Alexandra

  • New and improved website
  • A more informational and attractive Enlighten Plan
  • More delicious recipes
  • Expanded views on the mental/spiritual aspect of cleansing
  • Constant motivation, inspiration, and encouragement
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Alexandra Bwye:

Founder of The Enlighten Principle, Alexandra Bwye, shares her knowledge, experiences, guides, and recipes for living a healthy, balanced, and enriching lifestyle. Alexandra started off lost and confused about which method of eating was best for losing weight, for shaping up, for having energy and tried and tested everything she could. After dedicating years of studying and experimenting, she slowly and carefully began to assemble her own unique system of how to attain her goals without “dieting” and without “exercising” and has had incredible results. Her system is more of a philosophy about nature, connection, balance and harmony that anyone can follow to attain their own healthiest self. Her philosophy, lifestyle concepts, and guides all come together as The Enlighten Principle. Follow her writings or work with her Enlighten Plan to discover a calm, simple, and comfortable (at-your-pace) way to be healthier, lighter, more energetic, and in tune with your self.

  • Certified Clinical Nutritionist
  • Certified Holistic Health Counselor
  • Certified Holistic Life Coach
  • Certified Personal Fitness Chef
  • Certified Yoga (Level III) & Cycle Instructor
  • Certified Pilates Instructor
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  • Accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners



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